“EVERYONE NEEDS AND DESERVES TO HAVE A THERAPIST, it is vital that our primary support systems extend beyond family and spouses”. My therapeutic approach is supportive, encouraging, directive, and humorous. I see myself as an educator and a coach. I seek to help my client(s) feel safe and achieve quality of life by helping them increase their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
I believe in the process of therapy: building genuine rapport, creating safety, and exploring my client’s needs. Furthermore, helping my clients to create a rhythm to daily living, achieve their attainable life goals, helping them to heal from past traumas, increase their confidence, resolve conflict in relationships, and achieve overall happiness.
  • Years in Practice: 6 Years
  • School: University of Phoenix
  • Year Graduated: 2014
  • License and State: #2617 Nevada
Please reach out to me and learn to trust the process as I do.